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Psychotherapy or Counselling?

Core Process Psychotherapy is one of the original mindfulness-based approaches, integrating insights from ancient wisdom with the latest developments in psychotherapeutic practice. It is a powerful but gentle approach, which respects the needs of the individual.

In Core Process work, we take time to slow down and pay attention, without judgement, to our experience in the present moment. Through this kind and careful 'mindfulness', we can gain a clearer understanding of what causes us pain or difficulty; we can become more aware of how we are limited by old habits or expectations; we can discover a greater sense of freedom that allows us to make more satisfying choices.

People often ask if there is a difference between counselling and psychotherapy. There is no clear-cut distinction, but counselling tends to be time-limited (6-20 sessions)and more focused on a particular present difficulty. Psychotherapy is usually longer term and more open-ended, as it involves developing a trusting relationship to enable deeper, underlying issues and patterns to unfold.

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